Crown reduction is the process of reducing the overall size of the crown. Specifically, the point along the trunk from the first branch up to the tallest tips including the lateral spread of branches creating the circumference of the structure of the tree. We specialise in crown reduction in Brighton and surrounding areas.

Over the years crown reduction has been known as many things including tree lopping, tree topping, pruning and tree cutting. There are some guiding principles and a code of conduct in the manner by which one might reduce a tree contained within the British Standard:3998. These guidelines are based on the general principles of plant biology, however they are only guidelines; across a variety of plant genus and even within the same species, all trees can have widely different habits of growth and as such the practice of modern arboriculture/ tree surgery, must take this into consideration before commencing work.

Initially, a thorough tree assessment will be made taking into account the estimated age of the tree in question compared with its overall crown size and structure, keeping in mind its immediate climatic surroundings and exposure to the elements. The tree assessment will also consider the overall health of the tree which can be roughly determined by its density of foliage in proportion to its canopy size and placement, the presence of congested growth within the crown known as epicormic or water shoots. This can indicate trauma in some instances, although it may also be a natural occurrence of the specific tree being observed.

Ultimately this option of maintaining the trees in your garden or estate through crown reduction is chosen by those who wish to retain the aesthetic of their trees while also keeping in mind their eventual height and spread in maturity. By assessing the tree and discussing your needs as the owner the hope is that a compromise can be settled upon that appeases both the health and appearance of your plants and trees whilst also providing a result that you are happy with aesthetically and which provides more light and space in the vicinity.