The following examples are of common services I provide however, it is not an exclusive list. If it seems as though the job you have is not included, simply give me a call or email me and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

Crown Reduction

Reduce overall crown size of a tree dependant on individual species. This will in some circumstances dramatically increase light levels to your home and garden, and increase poor air circulation in gardens that are prone to damp environments from overbearing tree canopies.

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Crown Thinning

Thinning out the crown of a tree is a process that reduces the overall density of the crown.
This method of pruning a tree is also a viable alternative technique when considering crown reduction. Although the overall height and spread of the tree will remain the same, the resultant effect of crown thinning is one that gives the impression of a less oppressive ‘smaller’ tree.

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Crown Rejuvenation

When the height and spread of a tree are of less concern, but you would like to improve the overall aesthetic and increase light and air, congested crowns can be thinned of extraneous, crossing and dead branches including epicormic (water) shoots and root suckers. This method will not affect the overall size and look of your tree but it will diminish the oppressive feel of a densely branched tree. Often trees may grow unevenly owing to any number of climatic and biological reasons but this can be rectified by pruning back overgrown and ‘leggy’ branch systems that have arisen.

Crown Lifting

Removal of low hanging, or broad reaching branches low down on the trunk. This will improve the view of the tree trunk and allow more light to undergrowth such as smaller shrubs or lawns in the vicinity.

Tree felling and Dismantling

Complete removal of a tree. In most gardens this will involve carefully dismantling the tree in smaller sections, often with the aid of lowering, rigging devices and ropes to protect person, property and/or plant life in the vicinity of the tree’s canopy.

Garden tidy/clearance

Occasionally gardens can become overgrown and seemingly untameable. In this instance we can either remove selected shrubs/trees to allow space for new plants that can then be maintained on a more regular basis, thus making the garden more manageable. Or, we can completely clear the garden leaving the garden as a blank canvas, ready for landscaping or some other form of development.

Hedge trimming

As the name suggest, this will include a broad spectrum of hedging plants for instance conifer, laurel, box, privet and beech and involves trimming the faces and tops in an effort to maintain a natural, neat and green wall or border.

Stump grinding

After a tree, shrub or hedgerow has been removed, stumps can often be an issue for further development or landscaping of the area. Grinding these stumps out will allow space to re-plant and the ease of not having to dig around old stumps. Many plants cut down to ground level will invariably re-generate and may always be a nuisance in re-landscaping an area however, removing the stump (usually not including the roots except in situations such as shallow roots affecting turfed areas) will ensure the original plant will not come back again.

Logs for sale

Logs are always available and can be prepared to your length specifications depending on what kind of fire place or stove you have, however, logs will not come split or seasoned. I can deliver whatever quantity of logs for a small fee but the splitting and seasoning will be the responsibility of the purchaser. If you own a splitting maul, 1 cubic metre of wood can be split by hand in approximately 2 hours, depending on the type of wood and how long your back will allow! On the other hand, I can split and stack the logs for you, but this will increase the original cost of providing the logs.

Please call for further details.