A complete renovation

This garden was inherited by the new homeowners at a house in Hove. Slightly neglected by previous owners and not at all appropriate for a family with young children. The birch trees on the rear boundary were stripped of ivy that had been vying for control over at least ten years. The pond and most of shrubs in the central bed were removed and levelled to make way for a premium grade turf. Some shrubs were retained and transplanted to other locations. 3 conifer trees were dismantled and removed and the existing lawn to the left was weeded, dug over top dressed with a compost blend and re-turfed to reflect the fresh turf laid in the centre. One apple tree to the right originally hidden by the conifer trees, was retained, stripped of Ivy and pruned to re-balance the crown structure.

This work took 2 men, 5 days to complete.

Mature Oak in severe decline

The client wanted to keep the tree butĀ asked for a significant reduction in height to alleviate concerns overĀ risk to person and/or property as the tree was frequently shedding branch tips as it declined in health

Eucalyptus crown reduction

Hedge trimming

Overgrown Magnolia tree

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